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    Concept Training Employees Recruitment

    Internal training

    The training mechanism is a very important component in the training system of Lai Xin company, and it is also one of the best corporate reputation system. In the way of training, the company adopts mixed training, including on-the-job training, classroom training, online training, remote training and so on. On-the-job training is the core part, including direct manager system, tutorial system and so on.

    1. direct manager system

    The direct manager system is to specify the direct manager's training and help to the subordinates. Every employee from the first entered the company started, there will be a direct manager to guide its work, this is a real business training, training content will even include customers visit tone, every little thing processing and so on.

    Internal promotion system

    The company is one of the few companies that adopt an internal promotion system. Internal promotion system has become one of the most significant forms of corporate culture, the core of employing system, and also an important source of competitive advantage for companies. With the growth of Lai Xin company, the pride and sense of ownership of a growing employee maintain the cohesion of the company.

    And another internal promotion system is closely related to P & G's rotation system, namely, employees can change jobs after sufficient work experience, to different departments or different areas of work, namely international or cross departmental rotation rotation. In the rotation problem would be respect their ideas, and strive to provide more opportunities to achieve their personal choice.

    Talent support system

    As an important part of the incentive mechanism, the company has a very competitive salary system and employee benefits. To some extent, the company staff on hand hold many other companies have no way to provide "the right to choose the way of working, which can choose whether to perform the elastic system, including the free choice of work time and freedom to decide whether to participate in the ESOP, the freedom to choose to work at home one day.